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Byron Mason II is a Chicago born filmmaker and recent graduate from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts MFA production program. His focus is on genre stories that scare people, make them laugh, and say something impactful about his community.


He saw Rustie Cundieff’s Tales from the Hood when he was way too young and even though it was traumatizing, he realized the power that genre stories hold to make people think and pay attention.


Byron started in film as a lighting technician at Cinespace Studios in Chicago on season 9 of Chicago Fire. He took his experience to USC and throughout his graduate career has worked with companies like Amazon, WB Discovery, Humanitas, and SMAC Entertainment.

Byron’s short, CYCLE, premiered at the 2023 Frieze Arts Festival on behalf of Ghetto Film School, Deutsche Bank, and Fifth Season. In Byron’s final year at USC, he was one of three directors chosen by a pool of his faculty and peers to helm a short film funded by the university. The short, Price, is currently in contention on the festival circuit.

Most recently, Byron was a writer/producer for Top Voices, a mini-series produced by USC that is in contention for the College Emmys.

Ultimately, Byron believes that if you are going to spend twelve hours a day holed up in a sound stage, you should do it telling the stories you care about with people that inspire you, challenge you, and share your passion for creating impactful narratives.

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